And when Allah said to the angels, “Prostrate to that which we have created” The first man. Adam. Satan looked at him and damn, fell head over heels in love. Satan’s love made of fire and light sparked off Adam’s skin like clay They bent for each other in other ways. The night before their […]

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i have always been both scared and comforted by the dark. what scares me and what comforts me about it, that i do not know. given the choice, i would sleep with all the lights out and a blanket over my head, blocking out all the light. darkness, for me, is warmth. a safety net. […]

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Song Mood Board #4- Praying, Kesha

For today’s Mood Board, I’ve decided to repost one my favourite poems (self – hype much??) called ‘They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God” \you brought the flames and you put me through hell // They have killed my country and murdered my God and called it collateral damage. They have buried my […]

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‘Orange’ You Glad I’m Back?

I’m going back to the beginning days of my blog when it used to be about books. I’ve been obsessed with #Bookstagram photos (they’re like my equivalent of slime) and I thought I should try them too. Two minor problems: a)My camera is shit b)I don’t know how to take photos. But I tried. So here are my books with orange covers and I’ll also try to review them. 

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It’s Time

It’s 2019, I should revive this blog. What do y’all want to see from me? More book reviews, makeup stuff, or straight up rambles? Also in keeping with the revival, I’ve made an Instagram page for this blog, go follow it on @fadeintooblivion_ Thaankss x

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