For All Those Going Through a Rough Time

For all those going through a rough time in their lives, and feel hopeless and frustrated, stop for a while, and breath. That’s it. Take a deep breath. Another. And another. Think of your lungs, taking in oxygen from the air you inhaled. Think of the alveoli in your lungs, those tiny little grapes whose only function is to store oxygen and then send it to different parts of your body. Think of your brain, your amazing brain, responsible for all your intelligent ideas. Most of all, think of your heart. Your beautiful huge heart. With an infinite capacity for love. Your heart keeps working even when you’re asleep. You know that, right? It doesn’t make a difference to your heart, it will keep pumping blood. Your body is made up of cells. Think of them, invisible to the eye, but they still care about you. No. Their only goal  is to take care of your health, sometimes annihilating themselves in the process. Take a deep breath and think of these things.

“So take a deep breath and let go. You shouldn’t be drowning all alone. “

Cold Water, Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber

When you exclaim “No one cares about me!” think of your kidneys, working hard to ensure all the bad stuff goes out. When you reach for that bottle of painkillers or poison or simply alcohol, think of your liver, damaged irreparably. It is the second largest organ in your body. You know that, right? When you can’t take anymore and pick up the blade to slice your wrist, think of your skin. The protective covering whose one of the many jobs is to prevent you from infections and protect your internal organs. If you give up, the entire short lifespan of your cells will feel futile, and the other cells will have died in vain. You are not alone. Your body is with you in this fight.

Instead of jumping off that ledge, stop for a moment and look down. The world looks so beautiful. The world looks so small. The world is small. You’re giving everything up because of this ant-sized world? Look at the birds chirping around you. You don’t see birds crying because their life isn’t going the way they want it to go, do you? They just live in the moment and make do with what they have, and still remain happy. Be a bird.

You are stronger than you think. The world almost does not deserve so much goodness from you. You have been destined for greatness. You have been the reason someone smiled yesterday. You have been the reason someone wiped away their tears today. You may be the source of someone’s happiness tomorrow. Why cut that short?

“Don’t you want to be alive before you die?”

All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr

Look for healing within yourself. You deserve so much happiness, so much love, so much goodness. You deserve the best. You’ve been through worse before, and you came out of it stronger. Even this will pass.

Your future is as yet untouched, untarnished, untainted. Don’t look back. Go forth and conquer, little warrior!

“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” – Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

The Handmaid’s Tale- Margaret Atwood


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