He treated her like she was his sun. An important part of his life. Without her, his day didn’t begin.  Not to mention that she was really hot. His world revolved around her. He basked in her warmth. Ached for her on cold nights and rainy days. Exclaimed at her beauty first thing in the morning. But when she became stronger and more self-aware and confident, he complained. He wanted her soft edges and muted colours, not her bright force and aura strong enough to chase away all shadows. He wanted her beauty when she was hidden by her insecurities and shadowed by others; he wanted her to be the sidekick, not the main actress in her own life-story. He tried to never look at her directly when she was at her brightest, even when her beauty was strong enough to make the grass greener and bloom all the flowers. He took her existence for granted. when she became aware of her own worth and started waning from his life, he slept through it. She decided that she was better off without his validation. As she left him, he looked at her retreating back and wondered why he had never seen her beauty like this before. It was too late to make her come back. Now his days are devoid of colour and warmth and nights are spent cold and lonely. Sadness and listlessness dropped into his life like rain. But things would never be the same again

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