They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God

They have killed my country and murdered my God
and called it collateral damage.
They have buried my homeland
under their bombs and the cries of its residents.
The women of my country are their playthings
And the men are prisoners of war.
My house has collapsed in on itself
burying its inhabitants under six feet of rubble
like a grave.
Colonisation, The Occupation, Ceasefire.
I can’t hear my own thoughts
Maybe that’s what they want to do
Overwhelm you with external destruction and voice
So you have no idea who you are
They blaspheme my God and place of worship
call Him a liar
spit upon His shrine
challenge His authority
believe they are better off without Him.
My country has become their playground
Paradise on Earth, now even worse than Hell.
I think the dead are luckier
They can’t see their beautiful land littered
with bullet shells, bombs, guns, craters
The dead can’t see their descendants turn into slaves.
Father, I am sorry
The land you helped to build with so much
care, hard work, and patience
I couldn’t save it from being turned into
a battleground
for people with hate in their hearts,
war on their minds
and strange words on their tongues.
Mother, I am sorry
I couldn’t keep your children safe
I couldn’t protect your home.
I can’t run. I can’t fight. I can’t survive.
They have killed my country and murdered my God.


The war in Syria entered its eighth year on 15th March 2018.
Total Death Count in Syria: 500,00+
2017 Death Count: 11,321
(source: I Am Syria)

The separatist violence in Jammu & Kashmir has killed more than 47,000 people, which does not include people who have disappeared due to the conflict.

For Afghanistan, it’s been 16 years, thousands dead, and no end.

There is no end in sight for the battle for Jerusalem between Israel and Palestine.

The Yemeni Civil War will have been going on for three years on 22nd March 2018.




30 thoughts on “They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God

  1. This is powerfully written Anam.
    I feel so distressed for your people, while to the North we in Europe, Russia and the USA play silly games with your lives. Not just the governments but misguided organisations who think not getting involved is an answer.
    This poem must be reblogged.
    Thank you for your courage and eloquence.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s sick what people can do to each other on the slightest pretext. We must strive not to let dictators win elections and strive not to let those who rule by religion only, rule unless they are willing to allow freedom of religion. We must strive to show kindness and offer help to those in need of it even if not within our own country and help build up their country to how it was, never forgetting those who died to protect it or those who dies from another’s greed,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Anam,

    Your poem is so gripping, tragic and true. And I don’t see an end in sight. I and many others who live in the USA hate seeing this because we are left with guilt of having been a part of a country which took part in this destruction. In stead of learning from this, I am worried these mistakes will be repeated.

    But I believe in your God.

    Liked by 1 person

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