Song Mood board #1- Troye Sivan, Lucky Strike

\tell me all the ways to love you//
my father
makes the evening tea for my mother
every day, without fail
“too milky and too sweet”, she complains
but drinks it with a smile anyway.
my brother
will risk my mother’s anger
to get books for me to read
and will then ask for reviews
with a goofy smile on his face.
my friends
will send me pictures of cats they meet
without context
knowing that makes me purr.
the lady in the 7:05 CST slow
will always keep a seat for me
through all the rush at peak hour
and wish me a good day.
my friends
will send each photos of the skies
fragmented clouds, all the hues, birds and kites
a testimony to their friendship.
a fist thumped on the chest
with a peace sign thrown up
translated to “you are more than my friend
you are my brother”
is the new bro code.
love isn’t all grand dramatic gestures
it isn’t all about flowers and chocolates
and mushy declarations.
it is in the small quiet gestures.
what really makes the world better
are these ways the people chose to love you.

After weeks of looking for ideas (because creativity who?), I finally came up with a game plan. My idea here is to take inspiration and prompts from songs from popular culture, and and try to channel my interpretation of it through my writing.

Song recommendations are always welcome, I have gathered an ‘eclectic’ mix of songs based on the recommendations of my friends (my clear warnings of ‘Non KPOP’ narrowed the list down too much so I might have to take into consideration kpop too I apologize in advance). But let me know what your current favourite song is down on the comments.

I might make a Spotify playlist of these songs of I figure out how to, and if I can manage to continue with this series.

3 thoughts on “Song Mood board #1- Troye Sivan, Lucky Strike

  1. It is good to see you again! I love this post … yes, love can be expressed in so many ways … small things, as you mention, but even sometimes just a look can say so much. My favourite song these days is an oldie … John Lennon’s “Imagine” … it says so much. Hugs!

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