Song Mood Board #5- Sunsetz, Cigarettes After Sex

\when you go away i still see you//
and you left. In the end, you had to leave. All your promises of forever went up in smoke. You left. I didn’t ask you to stay either.
Waking up every morning is difficult, knowing you aren’t there with me. Getting through the day becomes a task and I’m not equipped for it. I’m not ready for the massive amount of impulse control it takes to not tell you every little detail about my day. Life is a drag stage and I have a huge fake smile painted on my face. Nights when I’m in bed alone, listening to sad songs and staring at the ceiling, wondering where I went wrong, are harder. And you left.
a part of you still remains in me. I will cherish every moment we shared together. Every experience you made me try has widened my outlook. Every flower and blade of grass reminds me of you. The mannerisms, gestures, and speech I adopted from you still remains in me. I still look at the sunsets through your eyes ; the painted colours over the ocean, the clouds splitting in the majesty of the vision, knowing how much you loved them, fighting every impulse that tells me to reach out to you. You taught me to see beauty in everything, and I will forever remain grateful.
the sun may have set in our love, but it had also promised the dawn of a new beginning, hopefully for the better. thank you.

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