i have always been both scared and comforted by the dark. what scares me and what comforts me about it, that i do not know. given the choice, i would sleep with all the lights out and a blanket over my head, blocking out all the light. darkness, for me, is warmth. a safety net. i seem to be afflicted by the opposite of claustrophobia. i seek out small, dark places for the comfort they provide to me. a closet, for instance. when it all gets too much, i climb into the closet, close the doors, snuff out any openings and free my thoughts. i try not to think of my other, imaginary fears; “there are real things to be scared about”, an adult voice in my head says. it’s my safe haven, a place which i both fear and treasure. even now, if you don’t hear from me, know where i’m seeking warmth.

What did you think?♥📖💬

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