And when Allah said to the angels,
“Prostrate to that which we have created”
The first man. Adam.
Satan looked at him and damn,
fell head over heels in love.
Satan’s love made of fire and light
sparked off Adam’s skin like clay
They bent for each other in other ways.
The night before their communion,
Adam’s rib was cracked
and Eve was created
a companion for the first Man
with a Heavenly abode for dowry.
Burning with jealousy,
Satan was consumed with blood-lust for Eve
(and lust for, well…)
There are many ways of killing someone.
Satan enlisted his snake
lured Eve into eating a poisoned apple. Pie unbaked.
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Whom does Adam love most of them all.
God cut down the snake
touted Adam as a fake.
Banished Adam to an arid desert
which through his tears he turned into fertile earth.
Satan tumbled
buried below ground
He raised Hell.
Separated lovers vowed revenge.
The first sin was both knowledge and pride.
It was love.

wow this is going to send me to hell but ok that’s fine it’s postmodernism i hope y’all proud of me pls don’t salman rushdie me

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