It’s Time

It’s 2019, I should revive this blog. What do y’all want to see from me? More book reviews, makeup stuff, or straight up rambles? Also in keeping with the revival, I’ve made an Instagram page for this blog, go follow it on @fadeintooblivion_ Thaankss x

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Good Things That Have Happened in 2017

2017 was a mixed-bag of the year. Our newsfeeds were filled with negative stories and near-apocalypse worthy beef. However, looking beyond the shit-encrusted blinkers, some very good things have happened this year. Fiona the Hippo Born six weeks premature in a Cincinnati zoo, Fiona easily became an internet sensation with many people rooting for her […]

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Ramadan Diary:Day 24

I thought I wouldn’t post today. Today was busy af. Our family friends were over and I also needed to go to college for admission. Admission done. But it is so hot. I’m so thirsty I took a long bath in the hopes of some water reaching my body through osmosis.(This is the point where […]

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Letter to myself- Epilogue

❌ Trigger Warning : Suicide, self-harm, depression❌ I saw the moon rise today. It was a full moon, orange. It was so beautiful. And yet, yesterday it was so tiny, hardly there. Not yesterday, a few days ago. I’ve lost the concept of time. What i’m saying is, can something this small and inconspicuous become […]

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Letter to myself- #4

❌ Trigger Warning : Suicide, self-harm, depression❌ Dear Anam, I am 17 years old. Some people will say I am pretty young, but I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. There is not one thing I have striven to achieve. There is nothing in the world I own, except for a few books. There is […]

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Letter to myself- #3

❌ Trigger Warning : Suicide, self-harm, depression❌ Dear Anam, Through a site in which you can write letters to your future self, I wrote a letter to you, 10 years in the future. I don’t think I’ll be alive till then. And I’m saying this quite happily. The thought of staying on the earth 5/10/30/50 […]

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Letter to myself- #2

❌ Trigger Warning : Suicide, self-harm, depression❌ Dear Anam, I’m sorry for the marks and scars on your wrist. I’m sorry for throwing up whatever little food you eat. I’m sorry for damaging your liver by consuming too much paracetamol. It says on the back of the strip: ‘Taking more than max recommended daily dose […]

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