Song Mood Board #4- Praying, Kesha

For today’s Mood Board, I’ve decided to repost one my favourite poems (self – hype much??) called ‘They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God” \you brought the flames and you put me through hell // They have killed my country and murdered my God and called it collateral damage. They have buried my […]

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‘Orange’ You Glad I’m Back?

I’m going back to the beginning days of my blog when it used to be about books. I’ve been obsessed with #Bookstagram photos (they’re like my equivalent of slime) and I thought I should try them too. Two minor problems: a)My camera is shit b)I don’t know how to take photos. But I tried. So here are my books with orange covers and I’ll also try to review them. 

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Year Roundup : 2018

It’s me again. I think I’m like the distant relative you see once in a blue moon who come to a function outrageously dressed and it feels like you’ve known them forever. Anyway, it’s another year. It’s been 3 (???)(!!!!) years since I started this blog to channel my emotions and thoughts into the great […]

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The Idea of Home

This essay is a self-analysis of possibly my best poem so far, Before the War Came. I have always been drawn to the idea of ‘home’, in all its physical, literary, metaphorical, and symbolic meanings. This may have come from my own experiences in moving home and countries, which may have led to a strong […]

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